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Marketing Management: Incorporating giving into your marketing department or agency

Balancing the benefits of giving back to your community with the realities of business is a challenge that every organization faces. Read further to learn how implementing philanthropy into your company’s workflow can aid your organizations productivity,recruitment and retention goals.

Lead Generation: 23% of marketers consider key pain point an important form field

Key pain points are some of the most important data that can be collected on potential prospects… and understandably also some of the most tricky to collect. Read further to learn more about key pain point strategies and lead generation strategies from your peers.

Online Advertising: Retargeting drives 3% to 7% in incremental topline revenue for CafePress

Retargeting ads can follow you around the Web, but every once in a while, one really catches your attention. We reached out to Sumant Sridharan, VP & General Manager,, to get a quick background about the site’s retargeting efforts, and thought you might find these insights helpful for your own efforts.

Inbound Marketing: Content is everything in search and social

Without content, search engines and social networks do not exist. Content is what connects businesses to their audiences. Read on for insights on social, content and real-time marketing from Rob Garner, iCrossing, and author of Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing.

Content Marketing: Misstakes arr Bad

Tweet Content marketing is hot right now, but unfortunately won  very important stage in the process is often an afterthought, or even overlooked completely. If “won” word in the opening paragraph didn’t totally give it away, that stage is editing the content before it goes out to the rest of the world. And, although the […]

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