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Examples of recent web design work (original designs as well as re-designs for optimization purposes) I’ve done.  Please let me know if you see something you like!

Although I feel a little awkward about this page (it seems like “bragging”), I feel it is important that you know something about the success I have helped previous clients acheive. If you would like to know more about any of these examples (such as “How did they do it?”) don’t hesitate to drop me a line

Working with a non-profit organization, with my help website traffic has increased 662% and donations have increased 525% in approximately three months.

An established marketing company was having trouble achieving top search engine placement for its preferred keywords. After a website re-design that preserved its current look, the site achieved 1st page placement for over 50 relevant keyword terms (five times the number they requested), and has over 50% more daily traffic (consequently, they have many more marketing clients now).

A company specializing in background check services decided to completely transform their old, static, HTML site into a new WordPress blog based on my recommendation. After a few blog tutorial sessions, they began posting information focusing on their identified keywords (I helped with keyword selection, but only a little). Their blog is now bringing several dozen visitors per day, which may not seem enormous…except that a pretty good percentage (about 25%, on average) of those visits turn into telephone calls, request form submissions, and new business for the company – and that is exactly what a business website should do! I’m especially proud of this example, mainly because I was able to help this small company launch its own blog and reap the rewards themselves.

…there’s room for more – would you like to be next?